The Encouraging Editor

Writers need people in their lives who believe in them. Those precious souls who believe in what they do and why they do it. Who cheer them on when they want to give up and pick them up when they fall. I know because I, too, am a writer.

I know what it is to pour your heart and soul onto the page, laboring night and day to find the perfect word, coin the perfect phrase, and crafting the perfect sentence in an attempt to evoke the intended emotion or to communicate a vital truth. Then when you’re brave enough, you send your baby out into the world, filled with hope, terror, joy, despair, anticipation, and dread for who knows how–or if–your baby will be received?

Not only is writing an often lonely vocation, it’s also an emotional roller coaster fraught with dizzying highs and bend-inducing lows. That’s where I come in, the Encouraging Editor. I know the crafting tricks along with the emotional travails of this achingly lovely vocation. I know what writers need and why they need it. And that they can’t create for too long under their own steam.

I love the act of writing, the craft of writing. I love words. Where would we be without them? Writing is essential to each of us as individuals and to our society and culture as a whole. Let me help you bring your message alive.

Keep writing. Don’t give up. The world needs your message offered from your perspective through the lens of your experience. The world needs you.